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    Welcome to Tech Friends
    Tech Friends Cloud service build your datacenter with
    the product duit that delivers the greates cost savings by
    maximizing infrastructure efficiency
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    Tech Friends Service
    Tech Friends Service have covered your business from
    project management to on-going support optimization
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    Tech Friends Support
    Tech Friends Support will take care of your
    IT so you can focus on your business!

Welcome to Tech Friends CA

Imagine the power of 180,000 people purpose - building relationships that create value for you and your business. This is Tech Friends. Everyday, our people work with you to build the vlaue you are looking for.

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Tech Friends Solutions

Tech Friends provides solutions for your business issues. Our consultants optimize the three critical components...

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Tech Friends Services

Tech Friends works with clients to help them successfully run and build their business using leading...

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Tech Friends Manage Services

Information technology consultants too often stress the technology at the expense of providing information...

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About Tech Friends

Tech Friends Consulting, Work with clients to help them.

Partners The right partners make all the difference. Our partners offer quality solutions, creating technologies that work together and are integral to the services we offer. We are proud of the relationships we have formed with our technology partners. Tech Friends established in 1999 is trusted sources for IT industry is a leading on site technology and solution provider. Our technicians, engineers and developers have helped hundreds of small businesses and large enterprise with their Network and IT solutions needs cost effectively. Tech Friends has created an innovative IT solutions and support services that enables clients to fully outsource the network and IT management. We deliver exactly what you need in terms of solutions and support.

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How we works

this is how we do it


Unlimited Support

TechFriends IT Services Provides unlimited support, which means there are no caps or penalties for usage.


Network & PC Security

There are many points of interest when it comes to securing your company's computer network – securing against an external network attack and securing the internal company network.


Remote Access Solutions

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a hardware/software solution that allows secure communications between two networks using a public network, such as the Internet.


Technology Consulting

Tech Friends Information technology consultants too often stress the technology at the expense of providing information.

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